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We present to your attention a new video section
"Five minutes of literacy for infectious diseases with Dr. Markov" 
in which we will succinctly and easily tell about the most common infectious diseases (english subtitles).



About clinics.

The clinics have the principles of family health care and provide medicaid to children and adults with various diseases of internal organs and systems.

The main principle of work: «only a correct diagnosis allows treat well ».

After a necessary examination, which is treated in the clinical diagnostic lab " Markov Clinic " (includes clinical, diagnostic, biochemical, immunological, serological, DNA, as well as bacteriological and other types of lab tests), the specialists of the clinics prescribe necessary treatment and provide follow-up care until recovery or stable clinical remission. A lot of methods of treatment, many diagnoses and combinations of medicines are innovative and protected by Ukrainian patents. Chronic infectious diseases are treated without antibiotics.

There is a certified vaccination room in the clinic «Vitacell» which carries out vaccination for children and adults. Children are firstly conducted all necessary examinations according to the original «Protocol of lab examination of children before vaccination» which is developed in the clinic.

The clinics provide medical services to private and legal persons, including insurance policies. Programmes are in place for the care and patronage of healthy children. Paediatricians and lab assistants can visit you at home.

The following specialists are waiting for you in the clinics: infectious diseases specialist, gynaecologist, urologist, otorhinolaryngologist, paediatrician and neurologist.



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